When I was around 15 years old I snapped my favourite board. My thought process at the time was that if I couldn’t replace it and buy a new one, I’d make it instead... That year I spent an entire school holidays learning how to shape. The guys at the factory assumed I was on mandatory work experience... In hindsight, I guess I basically was.” – Hayden Cox

Haydenshapes Bay 19 Gallery | Hayden Cox, Jason Woodside, Craig Anderson

In conjunction with Semi Permanent 2015, Haydenshapes presents a unique new collaboration developed with Jason Woodside and Craig Anderson - The Haydenshapes Bay 19 Gallery, Presented by Audi.

A special thanks to Audi Australia, the presenting partner of the Haydenshapes Bay 19 Gallery exhibition at Carriageworks, Stab Magazine and Semi Permanent.

The large scale wave installation was created using sustainable Xantia X-Board Cardboard material. More info can be found atxanita.com.

For more info on this project, visit haydenshapes.com

Edit: Luke Thomas